Ten interesting things I found on the internet

I don’t really have anything profound to say today, it’s very much been a catch up on work and otherwise flail about kind of day.

It apparently also a make bad visual punds kind of day. Image credit - nemesisenforcer on DeviantArt

It apparently also a make bad visual puns kind of day.
Image credit – nemesisenforcer on DeviantArt

However I have seen awesome things on the internet, and I thought I would share a few:

The pomodoro productivity tchnique: I’m trying his today and it actually seems to be working. If it’s still workingin a month I’ll do a full write up but for now here’s an in depth link from Lifehacker.

Mur Lafferty interviews Paul Cornell about London Falling.  This is just one of those interviews that goes right. Lafferty runs a great interview and Cornell is the kind of guest every interviewer wants. Also, London Falling is a really good book and an unusual take on Urban Fantasy.

Speaking of fresh takes on Urban Fantasy I can highly recommend Between by Kerry Schafer. Full review coming tomorrow but if you’re keen you can pre order it right now.

Ze Frank I don;t really know how to describe this beyond saying you should probably not look at Ze Frank’s videos at work… but you should watch them. Warning: Dude never seems to blink.


99 Rooms: Game? Art project? Gateway for ancient malevolent gods to look into our tiny universe?

You decide. Again, not for work, but still awesome. There’s a couple of good frights in 99 Rooms but for the most part it’s just plain interesting to a unique project.

Girl Genius A websomic I can’t believe it took me this long to discover. Brilliant, inventive storytelling and amazing artwork. It’s also got crazed mad scientists, Eastern European monsters done right and battle robots. There’s a lot of cleavage and some violence bu no nudity or horrific violence (although some is implied).

Charles St Michael One of the best youtube accounts I’ve ever come across Charles St Michael hits the right notes between being funny, profane and truthful. Even on the rare occasions where I haven’t totally agreed with what he was saying, it didn’t matter. I have never regretted watching his videos and I’ll watch every one he puts out.

Special mention for this video “It Doesn’t Get Better.” I wish I’d seen something like this when I was a bullied teenager.

I am never going to be able to unsee this. Warning, pasty hairy writer dudes in very little clothing ahead.

Also from Jim C Hines: Cover art, so where’s the problem. Jim goes into detail about what the problem is with sexism in book covers, where it lies and just as importantly he gives some examples of covers done right.








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