Chuck Wendig soothes your writerly woes (and other links)

Hi everyone, I just came across this post from Chuck Wendig Yes, Virginia, you can be a paid writer too whereupon he gives a counterpoint to the reality check posts that have been going around of late. Like many Wendig posts this one marinated in a heady cocktail of profanity, madness and sterling advice. You’ve been warned.

Speaking of reality checks Mur Lafferty has a good one here about the financial realities of being a writer, even a writer with a 6 figure advance.


It’s launch day for Kerry Schafer’s Between. This is Urban Fantasy with a twist. Dream worlds, dragons and a badass penguin named Poe. If that sounds like you can get it from Amazon here.

Possibly the best anti-troll strategy for comment moderators I’ve ever seen from John Scalzi. Behold: The kitten setting.

Ever wonder why the Captain and co didn’t Just Eat Gilligan? While this page does have an answer for that question it’s also a list of amazingly simple things fictional characters could have done to solve their plot problems in ten seconds. I’ll warn you this is a page from so by going there you’re almost certainly going to waste a few hours* there.

Writing update: It’s going reasonably well, I’m ten thousand words into my current novel and working on a short story that I can only describe as Old Man’s War crossed with Army of Darkness.

Oh, also some of my old short story rights have reverted back to me, so I’m going to have a look at them this week, tidy them up where I can and post them.

* Days. I mean days. Remember to eat.

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