Story Structure- Demystified by Larry Brooks

Larry Brooks might just have cracked one of the most important subjects for writers in his new book Story Structure- Demystified.

Despite reading his blog, and Larry’s other book 101 Tips for Writers I was still struggling to actually apply the information I had on story structure to get my books finished. I’d write a great first few chapters, and then stop, with no idea what to do next.

Before I go any further, a word to the anti structure people: I feel your pain. Really. I hate writing by any given set of rules, but no matter how much I hate it, those rules of structure exist. Pick your four favourite novels and have a skim through. I guarantee they all follow a particular structure, even if they are wildly different stories.

Larry Brooks will show you how to apply those rules of structure to your writing. This isn’t about inhibiting your creativity, or even changing the way you write, it’s about showing you why certain stories grab us so well. Brooks is a successful writer himself, and in Story Structure – Demystified he even applies the structure theory to Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. Say what you will about Dan brown as a writer, the man’s a multi millionaire and he (and every other successful author I’ve checked this out on) follows the same set of structure rules whether they know it or not.

So what are the rules? You can get them all for free on Larry’s Blog at They’d take to long to explain in full here, but the rules of structure dictate the state of your protagonist, taking them from the lost state of the orphan (Darth Vader is chasing me! Run away!) to the proactive state of the warrior (Lets blow us up a Death Star y’all). As I said, you can get all of the structure rules for free (and in depth) at and I recommend that you do check them out.

Now that I’ve shown you where to get most of Larry Brooks’s stuff for free, let me tell you to spend a little money. The Story Structure – Demystified E Book gets all of the information together in one PDF, and Larry expands on the information that’s there for free on his blog. It’s totally changed the way I write, and while it might cause you some pain as you realise you might have some work to do, it’s well worth it.

If you want to make a living as a fiction writer, knowing these rules of structure is going to make your journey 100 times easier than it would have been writing blind.

Story Structure – Demystified is available at Amazon right here.
It’s a bullshit free (to quote Larry) guide to making your stuff publishable.

Go get it.




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